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Last Updated:
February 1, 2014

Minnesota  Astronomical  Society  Membership

Many activities of the Minnesota Astronomical Society are open to the public.  Our monthly meetings, star parties, web site, forum-based discussion list and MAS e-mail list are available to all.

While meetings and star parties are open to all and in fact everyone is greatly encouraged to attend, MAS membership provides other substantial, tangible benefits, along with participating in a society of people sharing a common interest.

Your membership provides access to member-only benefits, such as keyholder privileges allowing use of any of the MAS observing sites and telescopes. MAS members also become affiliate members to the Astronomical League, qualifying for their observing programs designed to expand your astronomical abilities. Members also receive discounted prices for magazine subscriptions and books through the Astronomical League.

Your membership dollars and patron donations also provide the MAS with the financial resources needed to maintain and develop the great facilities and services enjoyed by members and non-members alike.

Follow this link for a comprehensive list of all the services and benefits the members of the Society enjoy.

Membership Levels

Regular Membership

This is the basic membership level for the Society.  Regular members have access to all the benefits of membership.  A regular membership includes the entire household of the member of record.  (Only one copy of the Society's newsletter is provided, and only the member of record can vote on business matters.)

Membership dues are renewed every year on the anniversary of date the membership application was processed by the Society.

Patron Membership

The ''Patron Member'' level is for individuals who have the wherewithal and interest in supporting the MAS with an additional annual donation, above the regular membership rate.  The patron membership dues are set at two-and-a-half times the regular membership rate.

The additional money collected from patron members accumulates in a ''Special Projects'' fund that is used to fund things that are not covered by the Society's annual operating budget such as observing site improvements or purchasing new equipment.

Patron members receive all the benefits of regular membership, plus recognition in each month's issue of the Society's newsletter.  The Society may also sponsor special events exclusively for patron members.

Student Membership

Individuals who are full-time students qualify for the ''Student Membership'' rate.  The benefits are the same as those of a regular membership, except that only the individual, not the household, is covered.  (Note that some benefits of membership, such as keyholder status at an observatory, have age-specific restrictions.)

How to Join the MAS

Join using PayPal

You can join online using PayPal by following the ''Use Paypal'' link in the left-hand margin.

PayPal users must supply a ''shipping address'' when prompted by PayPal!  This is the address the MAS will use to mail your copy of the newsletters, supply for your optional subscription Sky and Telescope and for all other correspondence.

By using PayPal you agree to release MAS from liability for loss or damages incurred from using the PayPal system.

(Note that dues for those using PayPal are slightly higher due to the transaction fees charged to the MAS by PayPal.  Please refer to the PayPal ''User Agreement'' at www.paypal.com to fully understand the risks and costs of using PayPal.)  

Join by mail or in person

You can pick up a membership form at the Society's monthly meetings, or you can print one from this web site by following the ''Membership Form'' link in the left-hand margin. 

You can also request a form by mail (see below for address), by leaving a message on our telephone answering service (952-467-2426) or by sending an email request to Info@MnAstro.org.  (For all these options, please supply your full name, a complete mailing address, an evening telephone number and your email address, if you have one.)

The address for membership form requests and submission of applications forms and dues (new or renewal) is:

Minnesota Astronomical Society
P.O. Box 14931 
Minneapolis, MN 55414 
Attn: Membership Coordinator

Membership applications and renewals, whether submitted through PayPal or in the mail, are processed by our membership coordinator at least once per month, generally on a mid month weekend day. Although our intent is to process them more often than the single mid-month time, it is a relatively time consuming volunteer activity that must be balanced against other priorities. We ask for your understanding as it may take a few days to several weeks to process of your application or renewal and for you to receive confirmation.

Please consider yourself a member as soon as you send in your application by mail or submit your PayPal application and take advantage of our monthly meetings, star parties, Onan public nights and other special activities such as the monthly Beginners' Special Interest Group meetings. For the schedule of these activities and more, follow the ''Events Calendar'' link in the left hand column.


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